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Private Care Services from VNA may help caregivers who need a helping hand.

Private Care Services

Private Home Health Aide Services Provided by the Visiting Nurse Association of Northern New Jersey

Whether active in the prime of life or elderly and living with physical and cognitive impairments, the vast majority of people find a special kind of reassurance in the comfort of their own home. However, maintaining the comforts of home for a loved one who requires constant support and supervision can take its toll. Even the most devoted caregiver needs a helping hand and respite time. That is why many families turn to the Visiting Nurse Association of Northern New Jersey (VNA) Private Care Services division for help when their needs exceed allowable Medicare and private insurance parameters.

When you choose the VNA for Private Care Services, you are choosing:

  1. A comprehensive home health care organization capable of meeting all current and future requirements with certified aides, skilled nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists, hospice professionals and other related services
  2. A trusted source that consistently earns nearly perfect client satisfaction ratings in independent research surveys
  3. A caring organization that will work with you to prioritize your needs and establish an effective care plan to suit your lifestyle and resources


All VNA Private Care clients receive:
Consultations with a visiting nurse/case manager who creates an individualized plan, trains and oversees your aide

  1. A certified home health aide who has completed a comprehensive training program, obtained state licensure and successfully passed thorough background and reference checks
  2. An aide trained in attending to any specific requirements including incontinence, catheter and ostomy care, cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer's and other medical conditions
  3. Flexible scheduling based upon your needs and preferences
  4. Access to coordinated care provided by additional VNA professionals whenever needed


Flexible options tailored to meet your needs

Hourly assistance
Are you in need of a "time out" from the stress of being a primary caregiver or a few hours each week to run errands outside the home? Or, perhaps a loved one requires assistance with grooming and housekeeping tasks or simply longs for companionship and a break from the isolation of being homebound?

VNA can provide a caring certified home health aide four or more hours per day for one to seven days each week.
Our certified home health aides from the Private Care division of the Visiting Nurse Association of Northern New Jersey are a welcome source of encouragement and support for shut-ins throughout Morris County and neighboring communities, as well as providers of practical household assistance. Our aides offer essential, uplifting forms of human interaction including:

  1. Socialization and conversation
  2. Letter writing assistance
  3. Reading aloud of books and periodicals
  4. Assistance reading and responding to mail
  5. Walking and other light exercise in and around the home

A visiting nurse and Private Care representative will work with you to create a plan consistent with your requirements and resources.

Live-in Care
Do you need full-time assistance caring for a loved one while you are at work, parenting or attending to other day-to-day activities? Or, perhaps a parent or other elderly relative wants to remain in the comfort and dignity of their long-time residence but is no longer capable of being alone.

The VNA of Northern NJ can provide full-time, live-in care. To qualify for live-in services, you must be able to provide room, board and meals.

To learn more about all VNA Private Care Services, please call 1-800-WE-VISIT.

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"I'd known of the VNA's good reputation for years. When I learned that they now offer live-in care, I knew that was where I needed to turn. Our aide is very calm and has a wonderful relationship with my mother. She keeps Mom well groomed and helps with her daily exercises. She's also a great cook!"

The daughter and primary caregiver of an Alzheimer's patient who remains in her long-time residence with the assistance of a live-in aide.


VNA is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). VNA accepts Medicare and Medicaid, private insurance and private pay clients. Care is provided to residents with financial hardship through the efforts of its Foundation.

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