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VNA rehabilitation therapists assess and design individualized regimens.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Simple actions that we learn in early childhood and take for granted throughout our lives are sometimes diminished or lost as a result of illness, injury or advanced age. That is when professional rehabilitation services from the Visiting Nurse Association of Northern New Jersey (VNA) make it possible for many people to work on regaining their strength and mobility.

All of our therapists conduct client assessments and design individualized therapy regimens for their patients. Therapists consult with their patients' personal physicians and other VNA professionals as needed, adjusting the frequency and difficulty of the therapy sessions as their patient progresses and nears discharge from the in-home program.

Physical Therapy
In the aftermath of an orthopedic injury, debilitating illness or a neurological event such as a stroke, the VNA's physical therapists work with clients who need to regain their balance, rebuild their lower body strength, improve their ability to walk and enhance their ability to perform other routine movements.

Occupational Therapy
The VNA's occupational therapists retrain and rehabilitate clients who need to rebuild their upper body strength and improve their ability to perform tasks that require upper body movements including dressing, eating and writing.

Speech Therapy
The VNA's speech therapists are skilled at working with patients who have experienced a deterioration or loss of language communication skills, as well as issues related to swallowing and eating.

VNA is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). VNA accepts Medicare and Medicaid, private insurance and private pay clients. Care is provided to residents with financial hardship through the efforts of its Foundation.

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