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Patient Rights

The Visiting Nurse Association of Northern New Jersey (VNANNJ) believes that patients and their families have the following rights when receiving care and services from the organization:

  • To be treated with dignity, courtesy, consideration and respect for your person and your property.
  • To privacy in all your care, treatments, and communications.
  • To be given a clear explanation of plan of care, including the types of care and services available to you.
  • To know the anticipated frequency of services, and any changes made to the plan of care.
  • To be free from restraints, unless prescribed by your physician for a limited time, to protect you or others from injury.
  • To be free from mental and physical abuse and exploitation.
  • To receive service without regard to age, race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual preference, handicap, diagnosis, ability to pay, or source of payment.
  • To exercise all of your constitutional, civil and legal rights, including religious liberties, the right to independent personal decision, and the right to make an advance directive.
  • To be informed in writing of the services available from VNANNJ.
  • To be informed in writing of the names and professional status of the personnel providing your care.
  • To have in writing VNANNJ’s business hours, as well as the daytime and emergency telephone numbers.
  • To be fully informed of VNANNJ’s ownership and control, and any relationship that might bring financial benefit to VNANNJ.
  • To receive translation services or an interpreter to help you communicate with VNANNJ.
  • To guidance for continuing care when services are no longer provided by VNANNJ.
  • To refuse services, including medication and treatment provided by VNANNJ, and to be informed of the benefits and risks of all treatment options, including the option of no treatment.
  • To refuse to participate in experimental research. If you choose to participate, we will obtain your voluntary informed consent in writing.
  • To discharge yourself from treatment provided by VNANNJ at any time, and to be referred to another agency if you are not satisfied with VNANNJ’s services.
  • To be told in advance if VNANNJ cannot meet your needs, when and why care will be stopped, and to participate in any transfer plans.
  • To be informed orally and in writing before care begins about VNANNJ’s fees and charges, whether they are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance or other sources, as well as any fees and charges you might have to pay for services not covered by those payment sources.
  • To effective pain assessment and management.
  • To be involved in all aspects of the care planning process.
  • To privacy and confidentiality of all medical records pertaining to your care, except as otherwise provided by law, third-party persons or as requested by the client.
  • To voice a grievance by contacting the patient care manager or the director of clinical services at VNANNJ, and to recommend changes in policies and services without fear of discrimination.
  • To have your concern or grievance responded to within five working days.

If you feel that VNANNJ or any other health care provider, including hospitals, physicians, nurses, or agencies have not addressed your concerns or questions to your satisfaction, you may contact the following agency at the toll-free number listed below:

The New Jersey State Department of Health
Health Facilities Evaluation and Licensing
CN-367, Trenton, NJ 08625-0367
Complaint Hotline
Available 24 hours a day


VNA is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). VNA accepts Medicare and Medicaid, private insurance and private pay clients. Care is provided to residents with financial hardship through the efforts of its Foundation.

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