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The Morristown Green has been witness to many changes since 1898.

Milestones in Our Journey of Caring

Anne B. Hillock, our region’s first visiting nurse, travels by bicycle to administer care to the needy in their homes. Her work is funded by the Female Charitable Society, a group of prominent local residents whose efforts would later converge with other groups and result in the formation of the VNA.

An independent Visiting Nurse Association is formed in Morristown. VNA is at the forefront of treating the two biggest health concerns of the era: high infant mortality rates and tuberculosis.

VNA extends its radius of care with the acquisition of a Ford Touring Car. The car is purchased with community donations for $765.

VNA establishes its first independent headquarters in a modest storefront at 12 Elm Street in Morristown, just a few blocks from the organization’s current headquarters.

VNA is instrumental in the creation of mandated school nursing programs statewide.

VNA relocates to 38 Elm Street in Morristown, a historic Victorian mansion donated by Dr. L.L. Mial, a longtime supporter. Over the course of more than four decades headquartered at that location, the agency experiences a period of unprecedented growth and success.

VNA expands and begins offering in-home physical, occupational and speech therapy services to better serve its clients and ensure the continuity of their care.

VNA begins its home health aide program. The service initially focuses on bathing and personal grooming assistance and later evolves to encompass light housekeeping.

Now a business with revenues in excess of $1 million, VNA acquires its first computer to help keep pace with the paperwork related to government reimbursement programs which are growing in size.

The name Visiting Nurse Association of Northern New Jersey is formally adopted and the agency establishes a dedicated hospice program, a natural outgrowth of its core business which has provided compassionate care for seriously ill, homebound patients at every stage of life for nearly a century.

The VNA’s charter is expanded to encompass Hunterdon County in addition to Morris County.

VNA celebrates its centennial.

The agency’s satisfaction rate climbs to more than 98% in independent client surveys.

The success of Second Century of Caring, the first major capital campaign in VNA history, allows the agency to establish an Elder Care Endowment Fund and invest in technological innovations to improve its quality and efficiency.

VNA acquires the Visiting Health Service of Morris County including Friendship House, a social adult day care program, and House Call Groceries for Seniors, an all-volunteer service. Under its auspices, both programs are enhanced and expanded.

Home Care Compare, a newly established federal government benchmarking program for Medicare home health care providers, ranks the VNA among a small, select group of New Jersey agencies that achieve the best patient outcomes.

All full-time nurses and therapists receive laptop computers with wireless connectivity. The new, interactive arrangement facilitates real-time sharing of accurate patient information among home care team members and further enhances the VNA’s quality and efficiency.

A second capital campaign kicks off with substantial, record-breaking gifts from some VNA officers and trustees.

The VNA moves to its second century headquarters, a 30,000 square-foot facility at 175 South Street in Morristown, which unites all services except Friendship House at a single location for the first time in several years. The new eco-friendly, green facility is one of the very first commercial buildings in the region to employ geothermal heating and cooling systems.

In response to a growing community need, the VNA expands its Private Care Services Program to encompass part-time, full-time and live-in care options that can be customized to meet client needs and preferences.

VNA establishes an annual holiday tradition, a “Celebration of Life” event in appreciation and remembrance of family and friends, which includes a community tree lighting ceremony outside its new second century headquarters.

The VNA Hospice expands its bereavement counseling services with the addition of a telephone outreach program facilitated by specially trained volunteers.

The Private Care program adds transport assistance to its roster of services. Carefully screened aides are now authorized to drive clients who can provide use of a safe, fully-insured vehicle to medical appointments and other outings.

Hurricane Irene, “the storm of a century,” leaves VNA headquarters without electricity for three days and the agency ensures the continuity of care for its clients by implementing a comprehensive emergency management plan. The VNA’s emergency response capabilities are subsequently enhanced with the addition of Honeywell Instant Alert.

VNA makes CarePages, an online social network that allows patients and their caregivers to keep in touch with loved ones, available to its clients.

VNA takes a major step forward in its ongoing effort to better manage serious, chronic health conditions with the introduction of Zone Management protocols and ZOE, a new electronic monitoring system.

In its third year, the annual Celebration of Life event expands to include a successful wine-tasting fundraiser for the VNANNJ Foundation.

Superstorm Sandy, an unprecedented second “storm of the century” in just two years, tests the VNA’s updated emergency preparedness plan. The Honeywell Instant Alert System implemented after Hurricane Irene allows the agency to communicate with and efficiently deploy field staff despite an extended disruption in phone service at VNA headquarters. Many nurses voluntarily go “the extra mile” for their clients by waiting long hours on gas lines and even traveling on foot to reach them.

With the entire healthcare continuum in the midst of unprecedented changes and focused on providing more coordinated care that facilitates better patient outcomes and greater operating efficiency , the VNA implements HealthWyse, the leading electronic records program designed exclusively for home care providers. HealthWyse allows all involved in a client’s care to more quickly access and collaboratively review data and its benefits are evident immediately.

VNA expands its commitment to community outreach by bringing together an array of health-related organizations and local businesses for its first annual Health and Wellness Fair.

VNA played an active role in assisting the community navigate the changes in health insurance coverage. Through our association with Northwest New Jersey Community Action Partnership (NORWESCAP), two VNA employees completed certification courses with the State Health Insurance Plan (Medicare), NJ Family Care (Medicaid) and the Healthcare Marketplace (Affordable Care Act). Additionally, VNA hosted numerous sessions for members of the community to meet one-on-one with certified counselors to have their health insurance questions addressed, make changes to and enroll in health insurance plans.

VNA became a founding member of the North Jersey Health Collaborative (NJHC), an organization with the mission of "coordinating the efforts and resources of public health, healthcare and other organizations to maximize our impact on the health status of our communities and minimize avoidable illness, injury and hospitalization".


VNA is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). VNA accepts Medicare and Medicaid, private insurance and private pay clients. Care is provided to residents with financial hardship through the efforts of its Foundation.

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